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Southern Energy Solutions provide insulation services, as part of the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme, to local authorities and housing associations for their housing stock.

If your properties qualify for the ECO scheme, we can install insulation in your property portfolio completely free of charge.

Our insulation services include:

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity walls are two layers that have a gap in the middle. We are able to upgrade all of your housing by inserting insulation in this space. This will greatly reduce the tenants’ bills as well as upgrading the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating.

This insulation takes up to four hours and we will work closely with you and your tenants to ensure that minimal disruption is caused to them and their families.

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External wall insulation

Older homes are made with solid walls. This treatment involves installing insulation boards on the outside of the property then covering with primer and top coat. Not only does this type of insulation keep the house warmer, but also makes the property look more atheistically pleasing from the exterior.

Depending on the weather, this could take up to four days but we strive to deliver a no-fuss service ensuring minimal disruption to your tenants.

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Loft insulation

Heat is mainly lost through the roofs of a property, this insulation can save money on your tenants’ bills and improve the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating.

We can install this insulation quickly and easily, with no disruption to your tenants. We use environmentally friendly mineral fibres placed between the joists of the loft as well as covering the bare pipework.

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The Energy Act 2011 stipulates a number of provisions that will affect owners of properties, the most significant being a minimum energy standard that is due to begin in April 2018. The new law states that it will be unlawful to rent any residential properties with an EPC rating of F or G.

This will have significant implications for local authorities that have a large property portfolio and limited funding, so why not prepare your property portfolio now by having insulation installed?

As an established ECO installer, we have a dedicated team of chartered surveyors, installers and domestic energy assessors who can assess and insulate your properties quickly and efficiently. Not only will this increase the EPC rating on your properties but it will also reduce your tenants’ utility bills. 

If your property portfolio was insulated more than 15 years ago, it is likely that the insulation has diminished or degraded and your properties may not meet the minimum requirements.

We can undertake extraction to remove any old and degraded insulation at competitive rates. We can then go on to install the new insulation under the ECO scheme free of charge.

We can operate over the entire UK with the majority of our focus being Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset and surrounding counties. Please contact us today for a free site survey of your properties.