At Southern Energy Solutions, we provide insulation technologies completely free of charge under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme. This applies to landlords, property management companies or any other business with a portfolio of domestic properties.

Our insulation services include:

Cavity wall insulation

If your portfolio contains properties which were built after 1930, they are more than likely made of cavity walls – two brick layers with a space in the middle. We can insulate these walls by placing materials in the centre to reduce the amount of heat lost. 

This installation takes between 90 minutes and four hours with minimal fuss to your tenants. 

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External wall insulation

Used on older properties with solid walls, this type of insulation feels the gaps and cracks between brickwork to minimise draughts, while increasing the life of the walls. Having this installed will increase the homes EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating as well as making the property more atheistically pleasing. 

Although the installation for external wall insulation takes approximately four days (weather dependent) we perform it with minimal disruption to your tenants and ensure everything is left the way we found it. 

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Loft insulation

Your properties will lose most of their heat through the roof and having loft insulation can considerably reduce utility bills for your tenants. 

We can install this insulation (or upgrade your current insulation) in a couple of hours by laying environmentally friendly fibres and draught proofing the whole loft.

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As a result of price increases and growing statutory demands, there is increasing pressure on the commercial sector to be efficient by using renewable energy and reducing carbon.

For example, the Energy Act 2011 contains a number of provisions, which will affect both owners and occupiers of properties. The most significant change is the proposed minimum energy standards due to be introduced in 2018. The proposed legislative change will make it unlawful to let residential properties with an EPC Rating lower than E.

This will have significant implications for landlords and for occupiers who wish to assign or let space, as it will make it almost impossible to market some properties unless they were upgraded to meet the minimum standards required by law. 

Energy companies are able to fund these insulation treatments to help reduce the country’s carbon output. With the new legislation set to kick in 2018, now is a better time than ever to install, or update, your property’s insulation.  

As an established ECO installer, we have a dedicated team of domestic energy assessors, chartered surveyors and installers and so can undertake the process of assessing and insulating properties in an expedient manner.

We will survey your property to discover which insulation would work best as well as establishing whether your properties qualify for the ECO scheme.

If your properties currently have insulation in place, we are able to replace this with more up to date and modern technologies.

Solar Panels

Another energy saving solution for your properties is to have solar panels installed. Solar panels have a number of benefits including:

  • Cutting your tenants' electricity costs considerably
  • Generating electricity for your properties 
  • Earn a profit for the electricity not used
  • Minimise your carbon footprint by making all your properties more environmentally friendly

If you would like to know more about solar panels, and how your property portfolio could benefit from them please click here. We can operate over the entire UK with the majority of our focus being Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset and surrounding counties.