Can insulation cause damp problems?

Only if serious damp problems already exist.  Damp is indicative of inadequate ventilation in a property.  Your home will be surveyed at the sign-up stage to ensure that no signs of damp are present.  We get every install approved by a Chartered Surveyor to ensure that the installation is completely appropriate and beneficial for your home.

How can I know if I will be eligible?

We work under a branch of ECO called “CERO” (Carbon Emission Reduction Obligation), which is not means tested, so there are no eligibility requirements for the householder.  There are certain criteria which the property itself has to reach, and these do change periodically.  We will carry out, at our own cost, all the surveys necessary to ascertain whether the property can be insulated under CERO.

Is it really free?

If your property meets the relevant criteria then the installation is free of charge.  We do not charge the householder for the treatment.  Instead, we carry out an approved energy survey to calculate how much carbon emission is saved by installing insulation and then we “sell” this carbon reduction to an energy company to offset against their obligation.